The lamp that allows you the freedom to set the ambience in any space within seconds, without the hassle of wires and power points

  • Portable & rechargeable minimalistic lamps

  • Unique, elegant and long-lasting 

  • Designed in Denmark

Transform the ambience in your space 

Set the perfect mood and atmosphere for any occasion - Use the lamps as a centrepiece of your outdoor dining table, highlight murals and art pieces, or simply use them as a reading lamp.

Bring focus, mood and ambience to your indoor and outdoor space anytime, anywhere. 


The battery-powered lamps can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors.


Wireless capablity allows for flexibility in setting the mood and ambience in any space. 


Up to 10 hours wireless lighting time on a full battery

Designed in Denmark

Unique and exclusive designs with state-of-the art functionality by Danish designers

Free Worldwide Shipping & 1-Year Warranty on all lamps

Our Collection

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Portable, rechargeable lamp with interchangeable shade, inspired by the future.

The thoughts about the lamp's shape is a sci-fi look which challenges the traditional lamp shape and gives a cosy feeling.

The lamp gives the impression that the light is floating. The LED light is connected to the base in which a rechargeable battery is installed.

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HAV Lantern | LED Lamp With Speakers | Villa Living
The HAV lantern speaker will set the perfect mood and atmosphere for a pool party, a garden party or a cosy BBQ night. 

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Portable, rechargeable lamp inspired by minimalism.

The shape is inspired by the industrial and functional look with rounded curves. Based on a simple, functional and minimalistic thought.

The light can be turned and focused in the desired direction.

The choice of material is metal and aluminium, which gives an industrial and simple look. 

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Portable, rechargeable lamp Inspired by traditional Danish design culture.

The shape is inspired by a classic design that gives a timeless feeling.

The light can be adjusted with 3 different settings enabling natural light.

*All our lampshades in glass are mouth-blown. That gives every lamp its own unique expression and charm. 


Hygge: A quality of cosiness in your home

At Hygge Decor & Living, we are passionate about Nordic design and talent. The word "Hygge" is a defining characteristic of Danish culture; it refers to finding warmth, cosiness, togetherness and comfort in simple, soothing things.

Our home decor collections are designed to bring the Hygge lifestyle right to your home. Our talented designers have in common a desire to inspire you with their story; and to bring about comfort and cosiness to your space with their products. All of our lighting solutions are unique, rechargeable, portable and exclusive in Asia, Oceania, North America.